Save the Last Dance…

Coronation Street – Friday 18 October 2013 – 7.30pm

Anyone still dancing on air after Roy and Hayley’s Blackpool odyssey will have found themselves back down to earth with a bang following the first episode of Friday’s Corrie.

Hayley’s friend Jane has taken a bad turn, and by visiting her in the hospice, Hayley and Roy find themselves face to face with the awful inevitability of what lies ahead of them. Jane’s husband sharing his memories of his childhood sweetheart reinforces the theme of Wednesday’s wonderful episode; valuing the important things in life.

Roy is further forced to confront Hayley’s fate when she insists upon discussing her end of life plans with him, but he is stunned to hear that she wishes to end her own life. Fearing the loss of self that may come with the advanced stages of her illness, she wishes to depart at a time of her own choosing when she still feels herself, and her mental faculties have not become so impaired as to prevent her saying a proper farewell. Roy, clearly against this idea, heart-rendingly tells her that he would forego a goodbye if it meant she wasn’t in pain.

Meanwhile the Platt’s are in a state of flux in the aftermath of Wednesday’s bombshell. Nick admonishes Kylie for revealing all, and Gail strangely defends David; despite her disowning him and wishing he was never born, she seems convinced that he would never harm Kylie. A furious Eva doesn’t want anything to do with Kylie, and Audrey throws David out after she finds him sleeping in the salon. She demands the return of his keys, and fires him. In truth, it’s difficult to have any sympathy for him.

Michelle demands answers from her Dad after his pass at Liz McDonald (I’m convinced it was the hair tinsel that did it) and, begorrah, he finally admits to cheating with Aoife from his wife’s Book Club. We’ve all heard of Aoife, right? No? Well it’s surely bizarre then that hapless Steve McDonald, consistently admonished by the women in his life for being thoughtless and forgetful, claims to know exactly who she is and tells us she looks like Gloria Hunniford! Anyway, Michelle books flights to Dublin for herself and her father to sort it all out, which will mean there’s at least a bit of booze left for the locals.

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