Episode Review: Coronation Street Friday 25 October

Tyrone’s Friday feeling went south quickly when he had a spoiler delivered to the garage: the news that Tommy had done a runner. Tina gets the brunt of Tyrone’s anger, but she’s unfazed, and seems convinced of Tommy’s return. That is until later on when Tyrone tells her he has received a call from Tommy, that he won’t be coming back, and he can’t say where he is. Tina is furious, but appears more concerned with her feud with Tracy.

While increasing scenes between her and Peter hint strongly at a future storyline, you won’t get a bolder indicator than the pair of them stood in the street helping each other pick knickers off the ground.

Tina takes the opportunity to plant a pair in Rob’s car while it’s being serviced by Tyrone. Tracy cops the culprit quickly enough, but this doesn’t stop Rob asking Tyrone at the garage if he’s a cross dresser and refusing to pay the full cost of the service. When the prime suspect arrives, he warns her to stay away from Tracy. All this is too much for Tyrone who accuses Tina of losing him custom and his co-worker, and tells her “Rob doesn’t need to get over himself, you do”.

Ignoring him, obviously, Tina takes a trip to Barlow’s Buys where Tracy turns her cruellest, and disrespects the memory of her father. Tina sees red, and throws a brick through the window. The satisfied grin on her face was a heartening sight.

Once Tracy has threatened Tina for what she has done, and always quick to make the worst of a bad situation, she starts smashing up the shop contents to maximise the insurance claim. We again see Rob pushed to his limit with her, and wonder how long their pairing can continue. If he does consider leaving, he’d better hide any statues lying about.

Meanwhile an unrepentant Tina doesn’t feel the need to apologise to anyone, even Peter despite him owning the premises. He doesn’t seem to mind though, and even warns Tina about Tracy, reminding her to “see Weatherfield cemetery for further details”. We also see the first close up of Peter looking at Tina in a way he hasn’t quite done before.

Not everyone is as forgiving though, as Liz tells Tina her behaviour is bad for business and she doesn’t want to be in a position where she has to fire her. Tracy’s warning follows, and Rob makes me laugh for the first time when he quips “This really is the last chance saloon”.

Tim’s attempt at saying sorry via a box of shell-shaped chocolates ends badly as they find themselves in Sally’s bin. After overhearing Sophie asking Dev for air freshener to get rid of him, as he’s like a bad smell, he obviously has a bit of thinking to do. It’s ironic that his most considerate moment to date comes in deciding that Sally is too good to be treated in this way, and the fairest thing would be to dump her. Even so, he tries to slither out of it until Dev firmly tells him to get it over with.

When he arrives at Sally’s, he is offered a golden opportunity to get out of the relationship guilt free when she starts taking the blame for it not working out. Was anyone else shouting at the TV in disbelief when she started listing all the good things she had done for him as reasons why she deserved to be dumped? “That isn’t just a lily-of-the-valley plug-in you can smell” she tells him, “it’s desperation”. She’s not wrong. Is that the same air freshener Sophie approached Dev for I wonder? If it was meant to get rid of the bad smell that is Tim, it hasn’t worked. He decides to give it another go and wipe the slate clean, as it seems to have dawned on him all of a sudden that Sally might be worth the effort.

Julie’s mind is set on fostering and she talks up a disinterested Brian to Sally who questions whether or not he actually wants children. Julie is too kind to be hurtful, so we have to presume that her slight about Sally’s fashion sense being forsaken for the sake of being a mother was a dig in response to her nosiness. Sally would appear to be right though, as Brian has none of the enthusiasm which has Julie beaming. It seems he has his eye on a new career at the museum and a future which doesn’t involve children.

As Stella settles in at the Bistro, Gail tries to get her to contact Leanne, fearing that Nick will never make a full recovery without her.

Predictably, the end of the line has come for Jenna and Sophie. After seeing tensions brewing over the past while, it was no surprise.

Finally, Chesney is not covered by insurance as the lock up was left open, and has therefore officially lost everything, but Sinead assures him that they’re in it together and will get through it. When she tells him his butty is out of date, it seemed apt. I’m all for the portrayal of reality, but the lack of excitement in their lives makes it feel like they’re already past their sell by date. Dev comes to the rescue, employment wise at least, and offers a delighted Chesney the job of manager at the kebab shop. Here’s hoping the hot sauce and sizzle won’t be restricted to the pan for this pair who definitely need a bit of spice in their lives.

The episode ends with a vicious Tracy telling an apparently carefree Tina that there are “seven kinds of hell heading your way girlfriend”. With the kind of hell Tracy can unleash, do we need the other six?

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