Todd Takes the Biscuit

Coronation Street Episode Review – Wednesday 13 November 2013 – 7.30pm

Having been berated by Tina for not pulling his weight at the flat, David Platt finally makes a contribution, surprising her with a bathroom floor vomit. She’s naturally delighted. Apologies and embarrassment not forthcoming, Tina says three weeks have already been enough, and that he’ll have to sling his hook when Tommy gets back. Still hopeful of his return, Tina checks her emails and leaves a voicemail for him to no avail.

David finally coughs up more than last night’s chippy, and arrives into Roy’s with £100 for Tina. Considering she was criticising him for not paying his way, it was odd to find her telling him she didn’t want money, but for him to get his life back together. Kylie storms in and snatches the money which has been withdrawn from their joint account. She says if David doesn’t want people wondering why he can’t see his kids, he should keep his mouth shut. “Excuse me while I go and die of boredom” says Tina as she departs, but its David that’s frankly apathetic.

As he later wanders the streets, he manages to convince Audrey to let him look after Max while she sees a client at the salon. Audrey is concerned that Kylie will find out, but David says “there’s no reason why she should” and offers to take the blame. What was Audrey thinking? She has thus far stood firmly by the rest of the family, including firing David and not allowing him sleep at the salon, and now all she is concerned about is getting caught while she prioritises a hair appointment? Kylie inevitably does find out by arriving at the salon early to pick Max up.

Over at the Rovers, Deirdre extols the virtues of crafty fags and the shopping channel, and we’re treated to that relaxed, friendly atmosphere that has thankfully returned to the pub. Even when a tearful Tina bursts in having received a call from Tommy, she is comforted by the two ladies who are shocked to hear that he has dumped her, and won’t be coming back on foot of the fact that she puts everyone else first.

Liz kindly offers Tina the next day off, and she absent mindedly says she’ll let her know. She arrives home to find Kylie confronting David over taking Max (I’d call Audrey responsible myself). Tina, blaming David for the fact that Tommy left, throws them both out.

In the aftermath of his shoplifting escapade, Simon is warned to be good by Peter and is made apologise to Dev who doesn’t hesitate in threatening the police in the event of a future incident. While Simon looks quite unfazed at such an animated, serious threat, when Tina arrives he is embarrassed at Peter telling her of his bad behaviour. He needn’t worry as his new childminder fondly tells him, “come on then you little villain”.

She’s not the only one to look lightly upon his actions as Carla seems happy to call it a one off and float on with the wedding plans. Over at Roy’s she laments her inability to find a dress and Hayley is concerned at how close the wedding is. Just as Peter is telling her to save the money, she sees her ideal dress online and darts off to get it.

However, the ladies are ripe for another visit over at the Rovers when a frustrated Carla returns from the wedding dress shop from hell, staffed by “a girl who makes Beth Tinker sound like a nuclear scientist”, her dress discontinued by 6 months and with none in stock. “I was in suits for three of my weddings” quips Deirdre. But later at Roy’s, Carla realises that Hayley is the seamstress to save the day, and pretty much insists on her making the dress. Anna’s uncertain look is the only thing that prompts Carla to ask if Hayley is happy to help.

Peter is uncharacteristically less concerned for Hayley and more concerned for Carla’s dress, asking what if she dies while she’s making it, or gets too ill to finish it. Desperate for the dress of her dreams, and wishing to give Hayley something to occupy her time, Carla dismisses all concerns.

An acceptant Roy looks somewhat relieved and more stress free than usual as he lovingly whips up a meal for Hayley. The next few months are for her, he tells Anna who is patient and supportive. I wonder if he will look as calm when he hears what Carla has in store for Hayley’s limited time.

Lloyd has the job of training Todd in on the Streetcars’ switch. Considering the disdain with which he approaches the job, I was willing him to make a mistake; but no, he was frustratingly competent. Left to his own devices though, he commits the cardinal sin of eating the last biscuit despite being warned by Eileen, and as Lloyd spies on him, he catches him “multitasking” on his mobile while taking a call from a customer. I was sure Lloyd was going to pull him up on the fact that he completely forgot to contact a driver to pick up the caller. Surely a golden opportunity to reprimand him missed. Lloyd might have a hard time of it putting up with Todd’s attitude, but it’s poor Mrs. Williams I feel sorry for; she’s still waiting at Princess Lane for her cab to the train station.

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