Tina Serves a Pint of Bitter

Coronation Street – double episode review – Friday 6 December 2013 – 7.30pm & 8.30pm

Despite Roy and Fiz hoping they’ve seen the last of Christian, she unfortunately encounters him in the Rovers where he is nasty and cruel. He changes his tune however when he arrives at the café, speaking of a fresh start and apologising for his previous behaviour. Roy, always with Hayley’s best interests at heart, is dismissive and skeptical but is sent packing by Hayley who wants to be alone with her son. It’s a relief to find her appropriately reserved and cautious at Christian’s reason for returning, and she isn’t long finding out that the niceties are an act and his motivation is clearing debt to the tune of £5000. He uses emotional blackmail in the form of his two children, Maisy and Sam to force Hayley’s hand, and she has to decide if seeing her grandchildren before she dies is worth giving him the money. Roy is shocked to hear this but Hayley assures him she won’t do anything she doesn’t want to.

After the children arrive, Hayley is ushered upstairs by Christian who tries wrongly to make her feel that she should make amends. Despite his aggression, Hayley writes him a cheque, and the ink is barely dry on the paper before he whisks the children away. It’s important to note that Hayley shows no fear, and this money is not handed over under duress, or from any misplaced guilt; it’s clearly something she wants to do. She explains to a stunned Fiz and Chesney that while she can only hope that the money will be used for good, she got to meet her grandchildren and considers the day a success. The one thing that is hard to swallow about Hayley’s actions is that Roy isn’t consulted in the decision to give a large sum of their money to someone so undeserving. They’re a couple whose capacity for sharing everything is a cornerstone of their marriage, and yet Roy was excluded from this decision. Perhaps it’s just more evidence of his unconditional love and respect for Hayley.

As Sally prepares to take the reins at Underworld, Tim is determined that Sophie won’t stop him moving in. As he distributes leaflets for his new window cleaning business in the Rovers, jibes about Sally’s temporary supervisory role continue.

As Peter engages in a bit of soul searching in the bridal suite mirror, Carla wakes. In a room with two sinks, two mirrors and two baths, she must have felt like she was seeing double. But no, looking gorgeous and hangover free, it was incredible to find that she was completely unfazed by the fact that she had to be put to bed drunk on their wedding night, and couldn’t remember half of it. Considering how much the wedding meant to her, the effort she put into every detail, and her carefully cultivated outward image and persona, it’s very hard to believe she wouldn’t be affected by this, even in some small way.

If Carla is a remorse free zone, it isn’t quite the case over at Audrey’s Salon where she wonders if hiring David was such a good idea. She can’t relax for fear that a family member will walk in, which is exactly what happens when Kylie arrives early for a hair appointment. David, in hiding, listens to Kylie cry over the end of their “fairytale”. She hates him for how happy he made her and for ruining everything.

Carla may soon find herself having one thing at least in common with Kylie, but for now the new bride is glowing. The groom, however, has other things on his mind as he heads to the Rovers to see Tina on the pretence of making childcare arrangements. Peter tells her their kiss should never have happened and assures her that there won’t be a repeat performance. Tina turns bunny-boiler, telling him “you’re scared I’ll tell Carla, and you know what? You’re right to be”. It’s difficult to understand such behaviour on Tina’s part. It doesn’t seem like she loves Peter, as no such motive has been set up with this storyline; their tryst appears solely based on attraction. So why is she so possessive over him? And what’s in it for her to tell Carla? She would surely lose Peter that way, and it’s not like she regrets their actions, or cares about his wife of less than 24 hours; if she did she wouldn’t be making a play for her husband.

Having to negotiate Beth angling for wedding gossip is more than she can take and her sharp retort means a free pint of Newton & Ridley’s finest for Ms. Tinker, and an early night for Tina as Liz sends her home.

As the newlyweds depart on honeymoon Tina walks up to Carla and begins to confess when Peter ushers his wife into the taxi, leaving Tina speechless; now when have we ever known that to be so easy? At last the happy couple set off for Bali, the location of which, despite the best efforts of all at Underworld, remains a mystery to their staff.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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