Bonanza at the Bistro?

Coronation Street Episode Review – Wednesday 11 December 2013 – 7.30pm

Kylie stands firm on the decision to cut David out of their lives despite Gail’s appeal to reconsider. Max isn’t feeling well, and Gail agrees to look after him, but no sooner is Kylie through the Bistro door than David is around begging Gail to let him see the kids. She gives in, and the decision is proven risky when a furious Nick walks in and throws David out. As she complains at being stuck in the middle, and questions Kylie’s reasoning, things get even worse when Nick presents her with an ultimatum; it’s him or David, and if she doesn’t side with him, she’ll never see him again. Confronting David in the Rovers, he tells him that second to turning himself in, the best thing would be to disappear, for good.

Leanne is shocked to hear of Nick’s ultimatum, and demands to know what his plan is. He says he doesn’t have one, as he’s confident Gail will make the right decision. Meanwhile Gail texts David to say he can put Max to bed. Having done so, he is stunned to hear that she has decided that Kylie is right, and it would be best for everyone if he moved away. In an emotionally charged scene, Gail tells him it’s not what she wants, and it breaks her heart to say it, but she can’t see any other way forward. It’s not often David evokes pity or sympathy considering all that he has done, but tonight was different as he observes “just when I’m turning a corner”, and gazes disbelievingly into the ether as he holds Max tightly and Gail’s voice wavers “Go to bed”. David could be considered beyond redemption, but it was entirely feasible that the events of recent weeks could act as a catalyst to change him for the better. Whether or not he will get the chance to prove if this is the case remains to be seen.

As Brian’s deception and Julie’s determination to appeal their fostering refusal continues, Marcus’s ear has been borrowed more times than a library book, and he sends Packham packing. However, his frustration sees him let slip to Todd that Brian is considering a job in Wales. Whether out of duty, or to get revenge on Brian for telling Sean what he said about him, Todd tells Julie with what could be considered lightning speed where soapland is concerned, adding that Brian never wanted to foster, and was only going along with it to keep her happy. Julie confronts Brian whose excuse is that he didn’t want to lose her, but she storms out of the Rovers, saying she will never forgive him. It’s a pity Todd couldn’t be as honest with Sean whom he may now have falsely lead to believe that there could be hope for them as an item.

Dennis is beyond excited at the prospect of a reunion with sixties rock legend Richie de Vries, or Rodney Purves as Rita and Norris take great delight in pointing out. Rita says she doesn’t want to be a damp squib, but that’s exactly what she is as her belittlement of Dennis and his efforts continues. What’s Norris’s excuse? Perhaps Richie’s top 13 hit from 1965 is a painful reminder that it’s less Sweets of the Night and more sweets of the day for Norris who has never troubled the charts. Why Dennis brings this patronising pair to meet him is beyond me, but Richie doesn’t disappoint as he enters the Bistro complete with shades, and Nick’s face alone is worth it. At least Gloria is impressed as the big-in-Tirana, Manfred Mann support act is offered a gig at the Bistro; wait til bandmate Eddie Bonanza finds out. Rita however, is thoroughly disdainful and this begs the question, if she cannot delight in Dennis’s successes, or excitement, why are they married?

As Kal walks Dev through his new health plan…in the pub…the personal trainer takes the opportunity of flirting with Michelle in front of a dubious Steve. All of a sudden she wants in, but Steve objects saying she looks fine. She can’t resist a dig at how his so called pointless course cost them money, and belittles him publicly yet again leading to only one conclusion; it’s Michelle’s attitude that is in need of a good workout.

By Emma Hynes

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