The Power and the Gloria

Coronation Street – Episode Review – Friday 20 December – 7.30pm

Gail will do anything to see her family back in one piece, except cook Christmas dinner it seems, and is delighted to be invited to the Bistro by Leanne, despite Audrey even offering to buy the turkey. To assume makes an ass of you and me she tells her mother. The only ass, however, is Kylie who refuses to go to her child’s nativity or wish him well all because Gail and Audrey want David there. Afraid of pushing her too far, David thinks he should stay away but Audrey convinces him to go for Max. Not content with taking a gamble on her family life, a drunken Kylie meanwhile attacks the fruit machine in the Rovers before being escorted out and told by Tina that “some people don’t deserve to have children.” Kylie’s decision to attend the nativity after all is not borne out of any sense of duty, but rather this affront to her parenting skills.

Carla takes great pleasure in knowing something Tracy Barlow doesn’t and can’t understand why Peter hasn’t told her about Rob and Tina. He uses Barlow’s Buys as an excuse. Despite telling Peter to find another babysitter in the last episode, Tina takes up Carla’s invite to the nativity, saying in a vague fashion that Simon may have mentioned something about it that morning. Considering Max went dressed as a sheep, I’d say she wasn’t short on clues. She’s clearly satisfied to be told that Peter was none too happy to hear about her and Rob. Tracy meanwhile tries to squeeze an apology out of him, but it’s not clear for what exactly; she lives next door to the pub, and didn’t bother to go looking for him in the place she actually left him.

As the nativity gets underway, Peter says Carla can’t be there because she’s picking Deirdre up from the airport. We were left surprised at the news that Deirdre was home from Canada in the last episode, but now she’s only arriving back? Sitting together at the nativity, Peter expresses his disdain to Tina who tells him that what she does and with whom is none of his business.

As the strains of Little Donkey emanate from the manger, major drunky teeters in, disrupting everyone. Despite warnings from family and teacher alike, Kylie’s inebriated interjections finally see her asked to leave. Not content to have caused enough disruption, she calls the teacher a cow and drags Max from the stage. Despite David’s dastardly deeds, he’s a better parent to Max than Kylie is proving to be, lending him a degree of sympathy and making her look appalling. It’s a real shame to see a great character such as Kylie return to her negative one dimensional beginnings after being so successfully developed into a thoroughly rounded, endearing person who had completely earned her redemption. Such regression makes it feel as if all of this was wasted or somehow false.

The day of Roy’s driving test arrives, and he appears to have done well, but we’ve yet to find out if he has passed. Meanwhile Fiz invites a delighted Hayley to visit Father Christmas with Hope and Ruby.

Owen and family are mystified to receive an invitation from construction crook Pat Phelan to join him for drinks.

“Afternoon pop pickers” chirps Dennis as he enters The Kabin, resplendent in mature music mogul chic, ready for The Power’s big gig. He puts Norris in mind of a song; Rockabilly Rebel? Jumpin’ Jack Flash? No. The Oldest Swinger in Town apparently. Ouch. His age isn’t so much of an issue over at the Bistro however, where much to Rita’s annoyance Stella describes him and Gloria as teenagers on their first date, and Mary puts her two feet in it by observing they’re more suited age wise. Rita appears both jealous and hurt as she looks on, and insists on staying around even after Norris leaves on foot of the noise, dragging Mary with him. Considering the Facebook page “Glo” has set up for the group is apparently proving popular with the “silver surfers”, perhaps Norris could leap into the 21st century and enjoy their music at a more palatable volume from the comfort of his own home.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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