Dr. Jekyll and Gloria Price? I Should Cocoa!

Coronation Street – Double Episode Review – Friday 7 February 2014 – 7.30pm

It’s raised eyebrows all round as Lloyd and Andrea spend the night together, but both are delighted and happy to flaunt it. Jenna’s irritation at Andrea’s “chainsaw laugh” is nothing compared to Steve’s disappointment. He weakly calls Lloyd a “dirty old dog” before playing gooseberry over a cosy cuppa. With Andrea’s father in waste management, Lloyd’s mafia joke is outstripped by Steve asking if he’d ever mentioned a tortoise; a brilliant reference to Mandy’s long lost pet.

“Congratulations on showing no restraint? It’s not really one for the old greetings cards is it” is Andrea’s response to unimpressed Eileen’s good wishes. Steve is told Andrea was born 50 yards from the County penalty spot, but he’s sadly learning that introducing her to Lloyd was something of an own goal. Excited at the news that her Dad can get match tickets, he’s deflated to learn he’s not included.

Steve feels he’s being left out by his two “best friends”, Andrea albeit a late contender for the title. “Who am I left with?” he asks a wounded Michelle who replies, “Me”. She blows her top when Steve reveals he’s jealous, calling him pathetic, and saying the fact that it’s a meeting of minds is worse than if he just fancied Andrea. Steve follows her to Carla’s but is told to bog off. He’s not exactly Cliff Richard, observes Michelle, but Steve’s calendar of gurns would surely brighten any month.

Steve tells Andrea he likes things the way they were. She pleads with him not to be jealous of Lloyd, that “he’s a sweet guy but compared to how I feel about you…” Steve instantly interjects to point out what great friends he and Andrea are, and they both laugh at the thought of getting together, but he’s left despondent as she departs with Lloyd. In fact, Andrea sleeping with Lloyd is a disappointing development if herself and Steve are destined to have a future together.

After telling Steve that there’s a sleeping bag on the sofa for him, Tina observes, “There’s so many angry women on this street”. Perhaps because she’s weirdly spent the day trying to palm a plant off on them.

To make amends, Rob sweetly invites Tracy to a Barlow’s Buys works do, but she’s having none of it. While Deirdre’s main concern is that wine isn’t the same without pork scratchings, Tracy’s is that there’s no going back from Rob’s infidelity. She tells him, “if you’d have still been sleeping with me, I’d have had a kidney away”, and while she may have sold a number of his valuables in Barlow’s Buys, his response is gold; “for what? Profit or personal use?”  Have it your way, he tells her, I’m not spending my life apologising.

Despite being called the town bike, Tina tells Tracy she’s an idiot if she lets Rob go. Tracy later tells Deirdre she loves and misses Rob, and knows he misses her, but she doesn’t know how to forgive him.

Carla is terse with absent minded Anna at the café, and it’s as if they never shared the intimate discovery of Roy and Hayley in what should be a painfully short time ago. Still out of pocket, deluded Owen reckons he should have followed his instincts. However, Phelan surprises everyone by turning up. Anna lets him have it, calling him a conman, but is left red faced when it transpires a banking error was to blame.

She calls round to apologise, but Phelan makes her uncomfortable, leaving her in no doubt that he fancies her. All are delighted to hear of her success at smoothing things over, but she later confides in Izzy and says that Owen can never know.

Sophie reveals to Tim that she knows the recent intruder was girlie, not burly, and as neither want Sally to find out it was Maddie, agree to keep it secret. Sophie subsequently blackmailing Tim by threatening to reveal all if he doesn’t drive around looking for Maddie makes no sense considering neither want the truth to out, and it’s a wonder he doesn’t call her bluff.  While Sally watches that “fella with the glasses and the teeth”, AKA Gok Wan, Sophie admits to Tim that she fancies Maddie.

Scenes of hilarity unfold in Audrey’s Salon as Deirdre, Stella and Rita have their barnets coiffed. “It’s a den of iniquity that Bistro” roars Rita from beneath the drier as she tells Stella she’s on to Gloria. Deirdre reckons Rob and Dennis could do with a “This belongs to…” tag, while Audrey observes that there are seven women to one man in Ecuador; it certainly feels like that in Weatherfield at times.

The man to woman ratio is reversed where Gloria is concerned however, and she’s loving it. “They’re fighting over you like a couple of randy old stags” notes Stella, and Gloria is delighted. Hyde Working Men’s Club is the venue for the gig, which is fitting, as the excitement and attention brings out the worst in Gloria who, with Richie, cruelly leaves Dennis to drive the gear home as they go drinking, and mocks him about a bedtime cocoa. She could certainly do with showing her Dr. Jekyll every now and again.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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