Anyone for Dessert?

Coronation Street – Episode Review – Wednesday 23 April 2014 – 7.30pm

Newton and Ridley’s new ale isn’t the only thing to leave a nasty taste in Steve’s mouth, as insomniac Tina pleads with him to keep her secret. He agrees, not from a moral standpoint, but because if Michelle finds out he knows about it, she’d go ballistic. Michelle does know something is amiss however, and tells Steve he knows he can talk to her about anything; his face naturally says otherwise.

Steph is delighted with her knock off hairdryer but Rob isn’t as enthusiastic as he has a shop full to shift. Conscious that they need to move anything from Tony quickly, he enlists the help of friend Warren to assist with the clear out. His company may be legit, but the stock he uses to kit out hotels needn’t be apparently, and he’s happy to take the lot. Tracy doesn’t know whether she’s turned on more by Rob or the cash. Tony is shocked to hear they’ve shifted all 50 units, and sets about sourcing some more dodgy goods. For some reason, all this makes Tracy feel like Rob is “the one”, so much so that she tells him she’ll marry him despite him not having asked. Her odd reverse proposal appears to make him realise it’s what he wants too, and he agrees to get hitched. Strangely, I can’t imagine either of them with anyone else.

Poor Anna channels Lady Macbeth with a case of “out, damned spot” as she desperately struggles to clean to take her mind off the impossible. She shrinks back at Owen’s touch which leaves him perplexed. After she takes a job as a cleaner in the Rovers, Owen promises her it won’t last forever and assures her that the struggles make him love her even more.

Gail learns that her burglar was sentenced to 12 months but is distressed at the thought that he will only do half, if even.

Nick believes he can see good signals from Leanne, but anxious Kal warns him that the last thing he needs is a setback.

Over at the Bistro, the Henshaw hen is suitably loud and lairy but not enough to make understaffed Leanne want Nick’s help. It’s lucky for her that the prospect of a buff waiter saw Steph insist on working. Disaster strikes however when the hired hunk is struck down by a dog bite in Cheadle and needs a tetanus. Steph is gutted but is quick to convince Kal to take his place.

Leanne positively drools at the sight of him topless and takes great pleasure in tying his dickie bow, much to onlooker Nick’s discomfort. As the L-plate lovegod sashays with sticky toffee pudding to the strains of Sex Bomb, he ends up wearing it courtesy of the cheeky clientele. The dashing dessert is a sight to behold strutting his stuff between the ladies like the cream filling in a Victoria sandwich. It proves all too much for Leanne who decides she fancies a bit of pudding herself, but their fervent kiss comes to an abrupt halt with the arrival of an oblivious Nick. Despite Leanne’s concerned expression, there’s no doubt she’ll be up for second helpings.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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