When Timmy Met Sally

Coronation Street Episode Review – Friday 6 June 2014

In the aftermath of her miscarriage, Carla receives a visit from Roy who brings her one of Hayley’s handkerchiefs for comfort. I mentioned elsewhere this week that Hayley’s true legacy is found in the gentle emergence of Roy’s ability to reach out to those in need of wisdom and guidance, and it’s a joy to behold, so much so that I think the following merits inclusion in its entirety. “I hope this is a companiable silence, not an awkward one for you. Life can be cruel and arbitrary, but you already know that. There’s no point in trying to summon a fresh thought, something profound, cast the tragedy in a new light. I think you would have made an excellent mother.” This, combined with Alison King’s astounding performance, had me in tears.

Chris Gascoyne continues to be outstanding as a pained and dishevelled Peter wanders the streets. He insists he didn’t kill Tina but feels like he killed his and Carla’s baby. Announcing that it’s a girl should be a joyous moment, but Carla tells Roy through her tears, Peter learns in a moment of rejection where the door is slammed in his face, and Deirdre cries at the news.

Sanctimonious Leanne tells him Simon is confused. Of course he is! Did she not tell him that some people suspect his Dad killed Tina while breaking the news of her death? At least she acknowledges that Peter isn’t capable of murder.

Rob isn’t as sympathetic, suggesting “How about you pick some hymns for your dead girlfriend’s funeral, the one you murdered.” With the exception of the moments before Tina’s murder, there has been no evidence of the guilt ridden, tortured soul I’ve been looking forward to seeing.

While some residents look suitably washed out over the ordeal, Liz is resplendent in full make up and smiling behind the bar. Even though she suggests closing the pub as a mark of respect for Tina, she is easily talked out of it by Michelle who doesn’t share her nostalgia for the pint sized pint puller. Liz reminisces about Tina like she died four months rather than four days ago, gets off scot free despite knowing exactly what Steve knew, and doesn’t appear to shoulder any of the guilt her son feels. I do find this disappointing considering her motherly attitude towards Tina.

With spoilers aplenty of late, some argue too many, why are we denied the opportunity to witness key confessions or revelations when they finally arrive? We’ve been waiting to see Steve tell all to Michelle, and when it finally happens we only get to witness the aftermath.

Steve insists he thought he was saving Carla’s marriage, but incensed Michelle sees it as “anything for a quiet life”. It’s nothing new to hear her call Steve pathetic, and tonight we can add coward and traitor to her list of unfavourable adjectives. “Your face, your voice; you sicken me” she spits, but it just sounds like a normal day for Michelle whose put downs are as abundant as Norris’s nosy doorstep sweeps.

Telling Steve “You’ve got blood on your hands” is appropriate considering tonight’s episodes felt more akin to Shakespeare’s Macbeth than an episode of Coronation Street; the high quality is undisputed, but perhaps the rain clouds need to part, even for a spell. “Haven’t we had enough upset?” asks Liz, and while it has been tremendous to watch, perhaps hers is a valid question.

Carla tells a devastated Michelle that it no longer matters who knew what, there have already been too many victims, but she rules out a reconciliation with Steve regardless. Rob listens with interest and I sincerely hope he isn’t going to drag our favourite landlord down with him. Meanwhile, Steve takes his anger out on Peter by roughing him up and telling him the police reckon he’s guilty. It’s troubling to see our consistently dazzling ray of sunshine turn to the dark side, even for a moment. He later wallows, and declares that Michelle was too good for him. Liz tells him off and is appropriately reminded of how she always cruelly remarked he was punching above his weight.

Rob and Michelle systematically remove all wedding photos from the flat and agree to run the factory. Peter arrives to declare that he’s going to win Carla back if it’s the last thing he does.

Gail finds herself face to face with burglar Michael Rodwell at their restorative justice meeting. She gets to say her piece, but he appears a repentant figure who declares he’s ashamed and sorry. A victim of the recession who lost everything, including his business and family, Michael assures her he’ll never turn to crime again, and she appears moved by his words and demeanour. As Gail holds his outstretched hand, it appears the meeting has brought comfort to them both.

When Timmy Met Sally she spent all her time trying to get him to commit, luring him into going on mini-breaks and endeavouring to keep him out of the pub. Now that he appears more than happy to acquiesce to all those things, it’s hilarious to see her run a mile. All of a sudden he’s going to spoil everything and Julie is drafted in to assist. Her solution? Sally should accept Tim’s suspected impending proposal, therefore leaving his ego intact, and giving her time to make up her mind. “I’m brilliant at this” boasts Julie, adding a perfectly amusing “Oh the irony!”

Once Tim reveals the jewelry he bought was in fact a watch for Faye, normal services resume for relieved Sally as all of a sudden his steak and chips is a medium rump steak with a béarnaise sauce and French fries. When she tells him what she really thought, he balks at the idea, and she’s offended until they inadvertently become engaged, and she looks as comfortable as if they were eating their dinner down the ginnel. Here’s hoping these continuous sources of much needed amusement go the distance.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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