Kings of the Mountain

Coronation Street – Double Episode Review – Friday 23 January 2015

A wry David Platt is always a pleasure as he gives Michael a good dead pan ribbing over his enthusiasm at becoming a Grandfather. Michael is perhaps being a tad previous shopping for baby clothes, and when Steph and Gavin (AKA Andy) confess that there is no baby, he really is a sorry sight in his ‘World’s Best Grandad’ t-shirt.

News that Kylie has used her bank card in Freshco’s prompts David to approach the store who naturally won’t permit him access to the CCTV footage. He contacts a missing persons charity for assistance which is strange considering he reported her missing to the police who would surely be well placed to help. As he asks Michael why Kylie has abandoned them, I find myself answering through the medium of television for the umpteenth time, “because you sent her packing, and it was non-negotiable.” In an effort to convince Kylie to come home, himself, Eva and Max all leave voicemails for her.

There isn’t enough work at the Community Centre for Roy, and Yasmeen draws the line at him calling out crossword clues. She feels his talents are going to waste, and so Roy comes up with the idea of delivering culinary courses and gets to work on the plans straight away.

Mary frustratingly continues to reject him despite his remorse and efforts at making amends. “There’s no rift that can’t be repaired over time” she reckons, but why should he wait around for her to decide when that’s to be? He’s worth far more than that, and she’s a fool not to recognise or appreciate this. It’s moving, and a tad exasperating, to hear him reply, “to lose your friendship would be unthinkable”, and it makes me even angrier at her.

The suffering continues in the aftermath of the bus crash with many trying to come to terms with what happened. All appear as obsessed with what page two of the Gazette has to say as the crash itself. As Sinead prepares for an emergency back operation, she could do without Beth standing over her declaring she hopes the surgeon doesn’t lose concentration. After a tense few hours, Sinead emerges and they’re told that while it went really well, it’s still too early to say if it has been a success, leaving her worried that she may never walk again.

Despite being oblivious to the crash at the time, Gary’s observation that Tracy’s polka dot blouse is fitting of the Tour de France’s King of the Mountain isn’t far off the mark in either style or substance, as she is celebrated as a hero by all. Privileges include ordering her breakfast from Ken on the house phone from her bed, and being visited by a humble Carla.

Sean has walked away from the crash with cuts and bruises, but is nevertheless swathed in self pity as he cries into Eileen’s blouse that nobody wants him. She secretly puts Billy wide to the crash and this results in a visit during which he reveals that he has been kidding himself about how he feels about Sean, and suggests a proper date.

Gary and Jason know nothing of the crash after spending the whole night out together. As Zeedan berates Gary for turning up at Alya’s bedside 10 hours too late, and Eva asks Jason where they were, I’m left wondering if this pair have phones. As Alya arrives home, Zeedan orders Gary to finish it and stay away from her.

Poor Steve is in everyone’s bad books except for Michelle, for once. As she rightly blames herself for treating him badly and missing all the signals, Carla’s pity is non-existent as she spits, “Tracy flamin’ Barlow had to save my life,” and Eileen goes a step further by laying into the man himself at the bar. Meanwhile Steve has been to the doctor and has been prescribed tablets and counselling. Michelle offers her support and assures him “I’m here for the long haul” as they get back together. Hopefully this will be the end of her dreadful treatment of him. Eileen also sympathises with Steve once the truth is revealed.

There is a lovely scene with Steve and Roy on Maxine’s bench as they declare themselves public enemies number one and two. “Well aren’t we a pair” sighs Steve as Roy observes that the best way to cope is to find a way to make amends. One of the wonderful things about Roy is that there isn’t a situation from which he doesn’t learn something. The conversation prompts him to call up to Gary and offer him a job in the café, pointing out that there’s something in it for both of them.

There was some lovely writing from Simon Crowther and Mark Wadlow in this pair of enjoyable episodes, and while the subject matter was heavy for the most part, they proved that the appropriate amount of light relief can work wonders in lifting the mood.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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