Desperate Dan eats Humble Pie

17.07.152Coronation Street Episode Review, Friday 17 July 2015. Originally published on the Coronation Street Blog. 

I don’t often sympathise with Leanne, but she really is going through the mill at the moment. As if losing Kal, aggression from Simon and threats from Dan that he’ll tell him about her past weren’t enough, she gets a visit from Liz who wants to know what’s going on between them.

I only wish Leanne would confide in Nick rather than trying to hold everything together by herself, as he is offering her great support at the moment.

In any event, I was delighted that she was strong enough to tell Liz about Dan’s true colours, and so quickly too. Liz has by no means had it easy either, and it was also brilliant to see her draw it down with Dan at the first opportunity. Never a woman to do anything by halves, she exposes him publicly in the Rovers with his boss and daughter present leaving him reeling.

As Liz and Leanne later sat talking, I thought how marvellous it was that both women showed such strength and saw fit to do the right thing regardless of what they are already suffering, or of any fears they may have had; Corrie women at their best. A menacing Dan glaring at the flat from beneath at twilight gave me a chill, however, and I shudder to think what he has up his sleeve for the pair. Whatever it is we can be assured that Andrew Paul will do the part justice as his performances have been great so far.

On a lighter note, the Nazirs celebrated Eid al-Fitr and invited Anna and Gary to join them. News of Alya and Gary’s engagement was music to everyone’s ears, but her hesitation at announcing it belies her guilty struggle over sleeping with Jason.

I continue to enjoy the Nazirs since they’ve been toned down. The overly theatrical Yasmeen, comedy Sharif and sulky Zeedan just weren’t working. Now we have a subtle, strong, understated performance from Yasmeen which is a credit to her intelligence; Sharif is appropriately serious which is more fitting of his nature and reveals a gentle side to him; and Zeedan struggling with his father’s death, but doing so with dignity and humility, is far better than him being inexplicably and terminally grumpy over nothing in particular.

Much has been written about Tracy’s capacity for redemption on the blog this week and there have been some really insightful comments from our readers. Her apparent reform sees her cooking, cleaning and walking Eccles in tonight’s episodes as opposed to buried emotions or guilt coming to the fore as you might expect of the newly redeemed. This makes me wonder if her transformation will be lasting. Emily’s concern is that she is deflecting grief and wonders if she should try talking to her so she can let it out, otherwise it will be harder on her down the line. It’s lovely to see the neighbours rallying around her and Ken, particularly Emily and Steve.

I’m glad to say I’ve taken to Cathy in the last few episodes, and her gesture of presenting Roy with a thank you gift of a replica of the train he drove on his wedding day, his having been destroyed in the break in, was lovely. On paper, this might sound somehow inappropriate to some viewers, but the way it was done was such that it wasn’t at all, and leaves me confident that their trip to Blackpool will be the same.

It was a shame for the scene to be interrupted by the arrival of a confrontational Carla. I do like her, but when her vicious tongue makes one if its rare, but nonetheless nasty, appearances, it really turns me off. Concerned for her welfare, Roy had broached the issue of her late nights and drinking habits with Michelle who agreed to talk to her. Why Michelle couldn’t just enquire without revealing her source I don’t know. In any event, Carla sees this as Roy intruding, and after losing a lot of money at the casino, she goes on the rampage.

She casts aspersions on his and Cathy’s relationship, calling her a gold digger and accusing them of sullying the memory of Hayley. It’s great to see Roy challenge her and defend both Cathy and their relationship, but after Carla storms out, he manages to disappoint his new friend by wondering if people are questioning the appropriateness of their relationship. This sees Cathy follow Carla out the door and poor Roy is left alone.

Carla later reveals to Michelle that she’s hurt him, and has the deaths of Maddie and Kal on her conscience. She can’t escape the thoughts in her head, and feels there’s nothing she can do about it leading Michelle to encourage her to take a break. I do like the relationship between these “stubborn cows”, Michelle seems to bring out the best in Carla, and despite her indiscretion, Roy did approach the right person.

After apologising profusely to him, clarifying that she only said what she did to hurt him, and doesn’t actually believe it, Carla heads off to Madrid. Despite everything, he has dinner kept for her and says he cares a lot about her. She asks if there’s a statue of him in a church somewhere, and if not there should be.

As night’s before your driving test go, this is probably the type to be avoided, but here’s hoping Roy passes with flying colours.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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