Precious Cargo

12.06.153This Coronation Street double episode review, Friday 12 June 2015, originally appeared on the Coronation Street Blog.

Erica jealously eyes up Carla and Nick despite apparently not expecting anything from him in the relationship stakes. The pair kiss in her absence and the chemistry is clear. They have a lovely familiarity with one another which allows them to have a conversation in which he does admit to fancying Erica, and she encourages him to go for it even though they’ve just kissed, and he can’t quite figure out why he shouldn’t. Meanwhile Erica is in the Rovers with Liz moaning that “he likes the cargo, not the container ship”. She’s as shocked as me when he immediately seeks her out on the street, and declares “Let’s go for it, we’re a family.” He considers the fact that she’s a laugh, and they’re on a “great adventure” as strong enough grounds for her to move in, and she agrees. Who said romance was dead?

And who comes back from honeymoon alone? Michelle apparently, as her new husband has decided to stay on and spend time with Andy, even though his daughter nearly lost her life while they were away. Liz makes the point that it’s at times like this she’s glad Amy is 50% Tracy Barlow as she’s a survivor. I don’t think, even in these circumstances, you’d be happy for any child to have that Tracy traits.

I do rather like comedy Dev, but the sombre version is infinitely preferable. His mind is on seizing the day against the backdrop of Maddie’s funeral, and he has a keen sense that Julie is angling for commitment, but isn’t taking the bait. Julie plans to show him a rom-com to inspire him to pop the question, and makes parallels between their situation and that of The Holiday. What she doesn’t know is that Brian is back, and Mary reveals this to her in a scene which had great dramatic effect, as we weren’t aware Mary knew. A knock on the door during “family time” has Julie concerned it’s him, but is shocked instead to find Talisa beaming on the threshold; such a popcorn worthy moment that Mary took the bowl with her to the door. Perhaps Julie will find herself less concerned with Jude Law’s Holiday and more interested in what Dev’s been up to on his.

The best part of both episodes came courtesy of Beth, Kirk and Craig, who continues to creep out in the night. The scenes were sharp and witty as they fear he’s attending illegal raves and he thanks them for the directions to same. As he tries to swerve Beth’s enquiries she gibes, “I’m the one with the stretch marks so I’ll ask the questions thanks”. As reveals go, this was sublime, as in a wonderfully touching twist we learn that Craig has been creating a mural in tribute to Maddie, and was also behind Sally’s faux-Banksy. My very eagle eyed other half noticed a nod to Darryl the rat in both murals; clearly Craig’s tag, and a lovely detail. Beth remarking, “That is some serious nozzle control son” had me laughing out loud, and I was never more grateful for the lack of a spoiler.

Sophie fusses over Maddie’s funeral arrangements and leaves Sally concerned that she is holding it all in. While we don’t see the funeral, the house is fittingly packed afterwards. Mary, Norris, Emily and Rita discuss what they’d want played at their funerals, but Those in Peril on the Sea, while a great hymn, is roundly dismissed by Norris as having no relevance to “Land lovers being fanciful”. Others share funny memories of Maddie, and Sophie makes a touching speech with friends and neighbours fondly chipping in. Sophie and Ben have a tender moment and she tells him she’s always in his corner before finally breaking down in Sally’s arms. While Tyrone did remark that a funeral seemed too sombre for Maddie, I thought there would be more emotion at the death of a person so young. It’s a pity the character is no more, but Amy Kelly did a great job during her time on the street, and she’ll be missed.

In the midst of all this, Jenny manages to make her escape with Jack, and bewigged Melanie Davis is given the keys to her new flat by a sympathetic estate agent who left me wondering what on earth she told her. When Kevin and Sophie arrive home with Rita, they find not only her and Jack gone, but his toys and clothes too. Jenny gave Sophie further reason for suspicion via an unnerving conversation about grief that morning which feeds her concern now.

Considering Kevin ignored all the warnings and sided with his new girlfriend over his daughter time and time again, he has a cheek to shout at Sophie to stop freaking him out, especially on the day in question. The police ask if she ever used the name Jenny Midgley. A quick internet search by Sophie reveals that a lady of that name lost her son, four year old Tom, in a paddling pool drowning accident two years ago. Good to see Corrie embracing technology there, as that’s what most people would do.

Kylie reminds David that it was him that told her she couldn’t be around the kids in the state she was in and begs him to let her try and make it right. David proposes they stick together to keep Max but refuses to commit to anything more. That’s not what he tells Callum and Sarah though and this gives Kylie false hope. Leaving her in no doubt that he can’t contemplate a reconciliation, she breaks down.

It appears the powers that be may be listening to our call for less spoilers, as Craig’s reveal, and to a lesser extent Mary’s, were most welcome. We do like to get a glimpse of what’s coming up, but more little surprises like these please Corrie!

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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