The Seminaked Chef

Yasmeen speaks with Brian and Cathy - Coronation StreetCoronation Street episode review, Wednesday 21 June 2017.

We’ve seen a lot of turmoil and trauma for our cohort of cobble-treaders of late, but won’t someone think of the Nazirs? Cathy and Brian wouldn’t last seconds in my house scampering about like love’s young dream, and Zeedan had my full sympathies as he stumbled upon Brian cooking up a storm in the kitchen with scant regard for those living there, or trousers. Yasmeen is to be commended for her tact as she urged them to go public and tell Roy the truth, even if it was to suit her own ends. Who would blame her? And, would Roy actually care at this point? I think probably not.

Pat Phelan joking around with Seb and Faye as Nicola nurses a cuppa offers a glimpse of an alternate world where Pat didn’t watch the local ice-cream man die, and turn up late to his wedding with one less tenant and mud on his shoes. Yes, Pat is a charmer, and he has all three eating out of his hands; even Faye, as he laments Anna’s perspective on life after she passes by with a look that would turn Norris’s humbugs to dust.

Sense thankfully seems to prevail after Gary talks her out of telling Faye the truth about what happened between her and Pat with a view to turning her off him. Pat appears to be something of an idol as far as Seb is concerned, and it doesn’t seem like anything would likely deter him from hanging out with him. I think the introduction of Nicola is a promising one, and I look forward to seeing what lies ahead. Regular readers will know I always enjoy any scenes involving Pat, and I very much welcome the prospect of further character development for him.

Geraldine visits Billy and Todd - Coronation Street

Summer’s grandmother Geraldine has some odious remarks for Billy which show the full extent of her homophobia. As she bans him from both Drew’s funeral, and having anything to do with Summer, Todd comforts him while making his anger clear. It was actually quite shocking to hear such views dispatched in such a cold, hard-hearted manner, and it made me want to reach into the TV and hug Billy. It’s very difficult to see how Summer could possibly come to live with them as long as a guardian with such ingrained views is responsible for the decision, and I’m intrigued to see if, and how, this could come about. I thought Summer was brilliant in her scenes, and I think they would make a great family.

While Nathan’s arrest was a most satisfying sight, I badly wanted Bethany’s courage to be rewarded. However, the sight of Neil waiting for her as she was brought to Weatherfield station indicated it may not happen on this occasion. Getting her alone and threatening her to keep him out of it, he suggests that Sarah and Harry might suffer the consequences if she doesn’t.

Lu Fallon’s exceptional performance continued as she was interviewed by a very sympathetic woman at the station. The omnipresent Neil looking on via two screens in a nervous and voyeuristic fashion added a sinister element, but the manner in which Bethany was supported and commended for her bravery in a caring and quite rightly non-judgmental fashion throughout her interview was encouraging.

Bethany cuts it short, however, as she finds herself struggling to cope with covering for Neil. Standing beside him in reception as she comes out is all too much, and she refuses to do any more interviews. He is infuriatingly smug, as she leaves with Sarah, having been spared identification, and planting the seed in her mind that she isn’t safe anywhere. She does, however, have the support of those who love her, including the brilliant Mary, and I’m just hoping she finds the strength to tell the whole story, and that justice swiftly prevails for everyone responsible for her horrendous ordeal.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes
Facebook: @EmmaHynesWrites
Instagram: emmalouhynes

This review also appears on the Coronation Street Blog.

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