There Are No Fixed Stars – Day Seven – The Lighthouse

There is a quiet dignity about the lighthouse at dawn.
Nothing of its patient humility in this time speaks of sea darkness endured,
Of its incessant vigilance throughout the night;
Of what that could do to its light.
I’ve stood beneath it, in the dark;
Watched reflected water apparitions make waves of its walls
From the harbour, its softly pulsing beacon
Gentle in the dome.
I don’t have to sail
To feel safe by it;
To feel saved by it –
To stand on dry land is enough.
Even at dawn,
When its own light rests,
And its reward awaits,
I can feel its protection
In the way it greets the day.

By Emma Hynes

This image and story are part of a project I have devised called There Are No Fixed Starsmy creative response to living with COVID-19 restrictions. On 22 October 2020, Ireland’s highest level of protective measures was invoked nationwide for a period of six weeks. Starting on that date, and continuing for the duration, I plan to capture a new image each day, and write a piece inspired by it. The only restrictions are that I take the photograph and write the text within this timeframe. To receive these daily posts to your inbox, you can subscribe by hitting the follow button to the right, and entering your email address. They will also be posted to my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles; I may even read a selection on my YouTube channel. You can follow or subscribe to any of those at the links below. In a time when variety, freedom, stimulation and spontaneity are necessarily inhibited, my hope is to experience these each day through the creation of something new, and that the resulting pieces might do the same for anyone who chooses to view or read them.

Emma Hynes
Instagram: @emmahyneswriter
Twitter: @emmahyneswriter
Facebook: EmmaHynesWriter
YouTube: Emma Hynes

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  1. Love this idea. Will look and read them all. Are you looking for contributors? I do one second a day photos but the idea of a creative response to each is a great idea


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