Don’t Forget – Single Artwork

I’m proud and excited to reveal the artwork for my forthcoming single, Don’t Forget, which is out on Friday the 28th of May.

The image was photographed by me on a snowy day in 2021.

Once the decision to release Don’t Forget was made, it was over to Graphic Designer Donny Keane to take my image and our ideas and turn them into the artwork you see here now.

I knew when I took the photo that I had my cover. But when Donny’s proof came back and I saw how it was going to look, I was overjoyed.

It said everything I wanted it to about my record.

Emma Hynes

Donny Keane on Instagram
Announcement: Debut Single from Emma Hynes out 28th May 2021

One response to “Don’t Forget – Single Artwork”

  1. Well Emma what a piece of artwork!!! It’s absolutely gorgeous and so interesting and unusual too. I really, really like it. Congrats and very well done to you and Donny – a great collaboration. Mam and Dad XXX 💗😘

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