Sometimes – Official Music Video

Next up for my new single, Sometimes, is a video I’ve created to accompany the song, which premieres on my YouTube channel at 5pm today, Saturday 5 February 2022.

Despite weeks of thinking and experimenting with different ideas and footage, with two days to release, there was no video. Nothing seemed to fit, and I decided I’d rather not have one than post something for the sake of it.

But, reluctant to give up, I set out on Wednesday for one last try, and travelled the city and coast in pursuit of something I felt would be evocative of Sometimes.

I’d spoken in the build up to the release of daring to try and of pushing through doubt, and here I was doing just that for the song’s video.

After weeks, days and hours spent searching, what happened was extraordinary; a continuous experimental shot courtesy of nature and lasting mere minutes said everything I wanted it to for my song.

The final element – the whole point of all of this – was borne out; hope prevailed.

See the video, and set a reminder, below 👇

Sometimes is a digital release which is available on:


Apple Music



…and all main music platforms, a list of which can be found here.

Read all about Sometimes here.

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