Sometimes So Far

It’s been a week since my second single Sometimes took flight, and the skies have been bright.

Thank you to everyone who bought, streamed or shared my song; to the reviewers, and radio presenters who featured it, and to all who took the trouble to send me such wonderful messages and comments.

Here are a few of my highlights, with some news at the end!

“From the moment I got the demo of this song, the melody and chord structure that Emma Hynes wrote, felt like something from the songwriting stables of Elvis Costello, Aimee Mann, Beck or Paul McCartney – and that’s good company in my book.

The descending chord sequence on the chorus, and incredible melody, were a gift to arrange the string score for.”

Martin Quinn, JAM Studios, who produced, engineered, mixed, mastered and performed on Sometimes

The song was chosen as The Acoustic Yard Radio Show‘s Song of the Week on Blues and Roots Radio, and also received airplay on Roddie Cleere’s Irish Music Show (KCLRfm), in advance of its release. It has since featured on Mike Mulvihill’s Power Play (Shannonside and Northern Sound Radio) and as Tracey’s Choice on Good Morning Dundalk (Dundalk FM) as well as the Radio Candy Indie Show.

Sometimes also appears in the Golden Plec Fresh Fridays and IMRO New Music playlists on Spotify. Check them out!

“The new single by Dublin songsmith Emma Hynes sounds like a lost classic by The Carpenters in its pure, soaring vocals, heart-tugging lyrics and lush arrangement with a wonderful string section.

With any justice, this should be one of those songs that makes the whole world sing.”

Nick Kelly,

Below is the music video that nearly didn’t happen. It premiered on Saturday the 5th, and you can read all about that here:

’Sometimes’ is a delicate and moving single from Emma Hynes. She spreads emotive lyrics over a lush sweeping backdrop of warm strings supple percussion and acoustic guitar to create a truly compelling listening experience. Her voice exudes a soothing lamentful tone as she croons “with you I feel I have won something, I’d like to hold on to‘’ while lush harmonies coo in the backdrop. It’s a well-crafted song brimming with rich musicianship and poignant songwriting. ’Sometimes’ is a magnificent new single from Hynes.”

Danu, Indie Buddie

And, we keep flying…

This evening, Friday 11 February at 5pm, I’ll be having a live chat about my music with Graham Coath from A Better Way of Life. A podcaster and broadcaster based in Somerset, Graham’s interviewees have included Colin Moulding of XTC, psychedelic dreampop artist Keeley, and singer-songwriter Cathal Coughlan among many others, and I’m really looking forward to chatting with him.

Finally, tune in to the lovely Threads with Bren Lynott on Dublin City FM on Tuesday the 15th of February at 11pm where Sometimes will feature as part of his show.

And on we go…


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