From Airplay to Live Play and Everything in The Space Between

After the release of my third single The Space Between on 1 July, I had a summer of doing, and experiencing, and savouring, and many momentous things happened. It’s only now, as the leaves begin to curl, that it feels right to pause and look back at it all.

RTÉ Radio 1 Recommends

Imagine my joy to find my song featuring for two consecutive weeks on the RTÉ Radio 1 Recommends list (22 July and 29 July.) This is an achievement worth celebrating for any artist, but as an independent one doing it all herself, it was particularly welcome, and I was very grateful for the support of both the station and the presenters that played it.

In my home, on the beach, looking out across Dublin’s rooftops, I heard my voice and what I’d written on the Ronan Collins Show, the John Creedon Show, Late Date and Rising Time.

The Space Between also received airplay on a number of other shows and stations including The London Ear with Nessy on RTÉ2XM, Threads with Bren Lynott and Dermot Rogers’ Night Train on 103.2 Dublin City FM, Roddie Cleere’s Irish Music Show on KCLR96FM, Mike Mulvihill’s Power Play on Northern Sound and Shannonside FM, and The David Dee Moore Radio Show on Blues and Roots Radio. From my first release, the support from local radio stations across the country has been amazing, and they deserve great credit for the work they do to promote Irish artists.

Emma Hynes with Special Guests Live at The Workmans Club

Having released Don’t Forget in lockdown, and Sometimes as we emerged out of it, I couldn’t celebrate either with a launch or live performance. But the moment finally came on 28 July in the gorgeous Vintage Room at The Workmans Club, Dublin, when I could honour all three songs.

The show featured in The GOO Gig Preview Recommends, and the Irish Daily Mail, and was promoted by Nessy on RTÉ2XM, and Roddie Cleere on KCLR96FM.

I was blessed for this headline gig with a great audience, and sublime sets from my three special guests; Brew, Keeley Moss, and Ray Gilligan from Dublin band Stereotype.

The summer air could be felt through the open window while the Liffey and life flowed alongside us across the night as we sang and played and laughed and shared; it was all so special, and surrounded by this that I got to perform my songs live, and sure it doesn’t get any better than that.


The Space Between was selected as Track of the Day by Finbar Hoban Presents, and received glowing reviews from The GOO and Indie Buddie.

The final single of a self released trilogy, The Space Between sees the North Dublin singer songwriter in a defiant mood, posing questions, restless for new challenges, yet facing up to the realisations and taking nothing for granted. The delivery and arrangement mirror these sentiments perfectly as Hynes’ no nonsense classic songwriting style harks back to a time when protest singer songwriters ruled the airwaves by espousing the truth. There’s no breakdowns, no airy synths, no production gimmickry, just a straight ahead guitar on shoulder performance, delivered with power and passion.

The GOO Reviews, July-August 2022

‘The Space Between’ is an enticing tune that displays the expressive songwriting of Emma Hynes. With warm country tones and indie embellishments wrapped around a smooth melody and gripping storytelling, Hynes creates an intriguing tune that keeps you on the edge of your seat, hanging onto every suspenseful note….‘The Space Between’ highlights Hynes’ profound and thrilling songwriting through poignant musicianship. The track is a fine addition to her catalogue of magnificent tunes.

Danu, Indie Buddie

You never know when you send a piece of work out into the world how it will be received. And while the creation of something is its own ample reward, it’s naturally wonderful to see it valued, recognised, and enjoyed by others.

Photography by Emma Hynes. Design by Emma Hynes and Donny Keane.

To everyone who supported one or more of this trilogy of songs, and to each person with whom they resonated, I’m both very grateful, and very glad.


Recording session for The Space Between at JAM Studios, Kells, Co. Meath. Photo: Martin Quinn.

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