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It’s morning, mere hours after sunrise. The light washes, with the tide, over Balbriggan beach. And I’m there, one eye on the time, the other ‘I’ on something transcending it. The ‘I’ wishes I could stay. Instead, it boards a train and silently glides south as both the sight, and the possibility, disappear from view.… Continue reading Chimera


One Night Stand

Four walls of stone, a selection of exposed bulbs, some dimpled copper fittings, a black marble bar, and an ample glass well stocked; all as alive as she, her eyes meeting their own reflection in one gilded mirror. They belong to her, as does this night, and what she is about to do. Between the… Continue reading One Night Stand

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Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016: Vote Now for

Well, as if it wasn’t exciting enough to be longlisted for the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016, I am absolutely over the moon to have made the shortlist. As I wrote on being longlisted, I really do love blogging. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to share your thoughts and opinions, the things you enjoy,… Continue reading Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016: Vote Now for

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Pens at Dawn

You don’t sharpen your sword on the day of the battle. I have been thinking about these words ever since they were said to me a short time ago, and their combination with an event I attended this week has lead to something of an epiphany. I’ve looked for an attribution to no avail, but the message… Continue reading Pens at Dawn


Vantage Point

Devising imagined scenarios for the characters on Coronation Street, and speculating on their fate, is something we fans like to do. I often wonder at their inner thoughts, and how the world might look from their point of view; a perspective which, of course, the programme naturally cannot give us outside of the medium of dialogue and… Continue reading Vantage Point


Spring Forward

It was a small unassuming pot, standing quiet and humble behind the glitzy greens and magnificent magentas stocked by Sophie. “The flowers must be allowed to sing their own song” Margaret would fondly remind her young daughter, but nevertheless, the latest delivery saw even more weird and wonderful brightly coloured ceramic creations push the little brown… Continue reading Spring Forward

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The Art of St. Stephen’s Green

On the wrought iron railings of St. Stephen’s Green, beneath a rustling canopy of June foliage, a transient gallery of paintings waits patiently for a fond eye that has for too long gazed upon a wall that is missing something. One by one, these original artworks will cease making the return journey from studio to street as… Continue reading The Art of St. Stephen’s Green