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Sometimes Cover Art. Photography: Emma Hynes. Design: Emma Hynes and Donny Keane.

In attempting to write this introduction, I thought I’d begin with the usual third-person promotional narrative about my forthcoming single, Sometimes. But as I encountered the blank page, I felt the words should be mine, and they should be written in my own voice.

The tentative joy of Sometimes – the hesitant exhilaration – the intense prelude to a great liberation – could be said to mirror my life as an artist.

On the 4th of February 2022, a companion will set sail, and I will be alongside it because I dared to try.

A bird will leave the branch on which it has rested for too long, and while the bough will eventually settle, the one in flight will not.

The boat’s dock lines are about to be cast off. The bird is primed. And hope must prevail.

Emma Hynes
January 2022

I am delighted to present my second single, Sometimes; a song written by myself, and produced and arranged by Martin Quinn at JAM Studios, Kells, Co. Meath. Martin and I both perform on the track together with Andrew Quinn.

The cover art was photographed by me, and designed by myself and Donny Keane.

Sometimes is a digital release which is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and all main streaming platforms.

A music video created by myself will premiere at 5pm on Saturday 5 February, the day after release, on my YouTube Channel.

Links to Music, Artwork and Promo Images

MP3 and Artwork: Dropbox or Google Drive
Promo images: Dropbox or Google Drive
Promo videos: Single announcement and Pre-release Trailer
Spotify: Pre-save and Link to Track
Apple Music: Link to Track
Bandcamp: Link to track
Soundcloud: Link to track
Blogs: Single Announcement , Sometimes – A Song For Now and Release Day blog.

Song Credits

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Martin Quinn at JAM Studios, Ireland
Emma Hynes: Songwriter, acoustic guitar and vocals
Andrew Quinn: Drums and percussion
Martin Quinn: Bass guitar, keyboard, electric guitars and string arrangement

Artwork Credits

Photography: Emma Hynes. Design: Emma Hynes and Donny Keane.



About me
I am an independent artist and singer-songwriter who brings my lifelong passion for music and writing to everything I create.

I released my first single, Don’t Forget, in May 2021. The song enjoyed airplay on RTÉ 2XM and Radio Nova in addition to a number of local stations across Ireland. It was featured and reviewed by, Indie Buddie and Finbar Hoban Presents, and was included in Golden Plec’s Irish Songs You Need to Hear This Week on release. It also made The Nova Guestlist’s Top 100 Irish Songs of 2021.

In terms of performance, my solo act gathered momentum in 2019 with opening slots for Brew in The Workman’s Club, and folk rock two-piece Native Harrow at The Underground Venue. In January 2020, I was the sole support to HAIL THE GHOST on the Whelan’s main stage.

In August 2021, I returned to live performance at SIN É as one of sixteen featured artists at the Dublin Quays Festival. This was followed by a support slot for Dublin power pop band, StereoType at The Grand Social in September.

In addition to my music, I’m a published and performing writer, and a graduate of literature, drama, film and television with a love of art and photography.

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20 January – Direct link to song on Apple Music added.
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