New Release: The Space Between by Emma Hynes – EPK

The Space Between Cover Art. Photography: Emma Hynes. Design: Emma Hynes and Donny Keane.

Emma Hynes is set to release her new single, The Space Between, on Friday the 1st of July 2022.

This is the third and final release in a trilogy of songs written by Emma and recorded at JAM Studios in Kells, Co. Meath.

Don’t Forget spoke of being faced with a seemingly impossible decision, and the difficulty of choosing a path without being sure of the right one. Sometimes celebrated the tentative joy and hesitant exhilaration of making a choice with only hope and faith to go on; of passing through doubt to something new. What awaits on the other side is The Space Between; a place of enlightenment where realisations are made, bold questions asked, and fresh ground broken, but where there is still work to do. It is the brave road which reveals much, and in doing so, inevitably poses new challenges.

Emma’s song is imbued with the driving force of desire, discovery, and the kind of honest, frustrated conviction that arises in that special, delicate place between truth and progress.

The Space Between is a digital release which will be available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and all main streaming platforms.

A music video created by Emma will appear on her YouTube Channel following its release.

The track was produced by Martin Quinn who also performs on it together with Emma, and Andrew Quinn.

The cover art was photographed by Emma, and designed by her and Donny Keane.

To celebrate the release of all three singles, Emma will host an intimate night at the gorgeous Vintage Room at The Workmans Club on Thursday 28 July at 8.30pm. She is delighted to be joined across the evening by three very special guests; Dublin-based psychedelic dreampop artist Keeley; Ray Gilligan, lead singer and songwriter from Dublin power-pop band StereoType; and, Brew, front man and songwriter from garage rock stalwarts Blue Sun.

Tickets are €6 and available on Eventbrite together with full info and bios for all artists.

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Song Credits

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Martin Quinn at JAM Studios, Ireland
Emma Hynes: Songwriter, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and vocals
Andrew Quinn: Drums and percussion
Martin Quinn: Bass guitar, keyboard, electric guitars and string arrangement

Artwork Credits

Photography: Emma Hynes. Design: Emma Hynes and Donny Keane.



About Emma
Emma Hynes is an independent artist and singer-songwriter who brings her lifelong passion for music and writing to everything she creates.

She has released two celebrated singles; Sometimes in February 2022, and Don’t Forget in May 2021.

Don’t Forget enjoyed airplay across Ireland, including on RTÉ 2XM and Radio Nova in addition to a number of local stations. It was featured and reviewed by, Indie Buddie and Finbar Hoban Presents, and was included in Golden Plec’s Irish Songs You Need to Hear This Week on release. It also made The Nova Guestlist’s Top 100 Irish Songs of 2021.

Sometimes received similar airplay and coverage, and was chosen as The Acoustic Yard Radio Show’s Song of the Week on Blues and Roots Radio.

In terms of performance, Emma’s solo act gathered momentum in 2019 with opening slots for Brew in The Workman’s Club, and folk rock two-piece Native Harrow at The Underground Venue. In January 2020, she was the sole support to HAIL THE GHOST on the Whelan’s main stage.

In August 2021, Emma returned to live performance at SIN É as one of sixteen featured artists at the Dublin Quays Festival. This was followed by a support slot for Dublin power pop band, StereoType at The Grand Social in September.

In addition to her music, Emma is a published and performing writer, and a graduate of literature, drama, film and television with a love of art and photography.

Social Media and Other Links
Apple Music
Don’t Forget – Single EPK
Dublin Quays Festival Performance
Sometimes – Single EPK

Donny Keane, Graphic Designer, on Instagram
JAM Studios

Praise for Sometimes

The new single by Dublin songsmith Emma Hynes sounds like a lost classic by The Carpenters in its pure, soaring vocals, heart-tugging lyrics and lush arrangement with a wonderful string section.

With any justice, this should be one of those songs that makes the whole world sing.

Nick Kelly,

From the moment I got the demo of this song, the melody and chord structure that Emma Hynes wrote, felt like something from the songwriting stables of Elvis Costello, Aimee Mann, Beck or Paul McCartney – and that’s good company in my book.

The descending chord sequence on the chorus, and incredible melody, were a gift to arrange the string score for.

Martin Quinn, JAM Studios, who produced, engineered, mixed, mastered and performed on Sometimes

‘Sometimes’ is a delicate and moving single from Emma Hynes. She spreads emotive lyrics over a lush sweeping backdrop of warm strings supple percussion and acoustic guitar to create a truly compelling listening experience. Her voice exudes a soothing lamentful tone as she croons “with you I feel I have won something, I’d like to hold on to‘’ while lush harmonies coo in the backdrop. It’s a well-crafted song brimming with rich musicianship and poignant songwriting. ’Sometimes’ is a magnificent new single from Hynes.

Danu, Indie Buddie

Praise for Don’t Forget

Dublin songsmith and writer Emma Hynes knocks it out of the park with her debut single which has just been released across multiple digital platforms. It comes with a sumptuously shot video to boot which features nature in all its glory.

Nick Kelly,

Don’t Forget is an ambient new-folk and indie track of sorts. Melody and chord structure here is the stuff of classic tracks.

Martin Quinn, JAM Studios, who produced and performed on Don’t Forget

‘Don’t Forget’ is a wonderfully emotive tune steeped in warm melodies and well-placed instrumentation. From steady strums on guitars to driving rhythms, the track glides with subtle yet expressive musicianship. Hynes’ vocals haunt and croon throughout as she injects a soulful tone into this mesmerising tune. There is something hypnotic and thought-provoking about the melancholy within the song that captures the listener’s attention from the first play and lingers for days. Well crafted and showcasing poetic lyrics, ‘Don’t Forget’ is a strong debut single from the singer-songwriter.

Danu, Indie Buddie

There’s a strong singer-songwriter field with … debut releases from the likes of … Emma Hynes.

Stephen Byrne, Golden Plec’s Irish Songs You Need To Hear This Week