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For Martyn

Reviewing Coronation Street on Wednesday the 24th of May felt an impossibility. It was a day when we continued to struggle to come to terms with Monday’s horrific attack in Manchester Arena and its aftermath, and were heartbroken to learn that a much loved friend and fully fledged and fabulous member of the Corrie family,… Continue reading For Martyn


#RSD2017: For the Record

You can be cynical about Record Store Day if you like. You can see it as an industry-driven means of making money from consumers duped by hype into parting with their hard-earned in exchange for products promising exclusivity. You can even complain that these products are for sale online within hours for twice and three… Continue reading #RSD2017: For the Record

Coronation Street

Suspicious Minds

Coronation Street Double Episode Review, Friday, 21 April 2017. It’s another Friday night, and another arrest in the strange case of who pushed Ken as DS MacKinnon sets her sights on her latest suspect, Adam Barlow. Cue round forty of suspicious glances as the news filters through the clan who, it has to be said,… Continue reading Suspicious Minds


Photo Finish: Sunset in Skerries

Dublin looked resplendent in the sunshine this evening, and it really felt like spring was in the air. My camera and I took a trip to Skerries just before sunset, and the birds and seals in the harbour ensured I captured more than just the beautiful scenery. By Emma Hynes Twitter: @ELHynes Facebook: @EmmaHynesWrites Instagram: emmalouhynes


One Night Stand

Four walls of stone, a selection of exposed bulbs, some dimpled copper fittings, a black marble bar, and an ample glass well stocked; all as alive as she, her eyes meeting their own reflection in one gilded mirror. They belong to her, as does this night, and what she is about to do. Between the… Continue reading One Night Stand

Coronation Street

Oliver Twist

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday 24 February 2017. Secrets abounded in last night’s Corrie, but developments in respect of one in particular gripped this stunned viewer. As Jenny blackmailed Richard Drake to reinstate his mastectomy bra order with a compromising photo, Maria struggled with little Liam’s prison visit request to live with Aidan and… Continue reading Oliver Twist

Coronation Street

Darkness Falls

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday 17 February 2017. There was a darkness to Friday evening’s double Corrie, not least because most of the first, and the entire second episode, took place at night. It seems an understatement to describe as unsettling Nathan’s continued manipulation of Bethany. Rejecting her when she won’t give him an… Continue reading Darkness Falls