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It’s morning, mere hours after sunrise. The light washes, with the tide, over Balbriggan beach. And I’m there, one eye on the time, the other ‘I’ on something transcending it. The ‘I’ wishes I could stay. Instead, it boards a train and silently glides south as both the sight, and the possibility, disappear from view.… Continue reading Chimera


Photo Finish: Sunset in Skerries

Dublin looked resplendent in the sunshine this evening, and it really felt like spring was in the air. My camera and I took a trip to Skerries just before sunset, and the birds and seals in the harbour ensured I captured more than just the beautiful scenery. By Emma Hynes Twitter: @ELHynes Facebook: @EmmaHynesWrites Instagram: emmalouhynes


A Stranger in my own Town

I’ve lived in Dublin my whole life, so it might seem safe to assume I know the city inside out. Or do I? There isn’t a season of the year when tourists aren’t wandering its streets, and I love to see them look upon it all with fresh eyes. It’s beautiful. They make me wish I could… Continue reading A Stranger in my own Town